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Murder Inc. - Turn your next dinner party into a crime scene.

"Jeremy Koerner would love to tell you how his elaborately detailed, live-action murder mystery parties work. He really would. But to reveal the mechanics of his Mysteries For Hire business would not only befuddle the average human brain, it would compromise the integrity of the mystery itself."

In the May edition on The Wave magazine Mysteries For Hire was featured in a wonderful article written by Scott Devaney. Not only did Mysteries for Hire get front page billing, but we also got a great photo.

Scott's closing paragraph really sums it up:

"And thus the charm of Mysteries For Hire – these performers simply love the danger, spontaneity and magic that only improvisational theatre can provide. Sitting in an office decorated with swords and straightjackets, Koerner takes a drink from his skull-shaped mug and reflects for a moment. “The main reason we do what we do is to show people that there are things that live performers can do that movies, TV and videogames will never be able to touch. They can’t go after you like I can. Not to sound like too much of a sap, but some of it is my own attempt to keep live theatre alive.”

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For immediate release: Mysteries For Hire.